Kurti blames Belgrade for the "Wagner barricades"

The so-called Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that the barricades in Kosovo are barricades of people "in dark uniforms, who are bald, with beards".

Izvor: Novosti

Tuesday, 27.12.2022.


Kurti blames Belgrade for the

Kurti blames Belgrade for the "Wagner barricades"

He assessed that they are imitating Draža Mihailović and that these are "warlike barricades" and that it is "not possible" that the citizens set up the barricades on their own initiative, but that "Belgrade is behind it".

In an interview for the Istraga.ba portal, which was reported by KoSSev, Kurti said that these were "Wagner barricades".

He repeated that KFOR requested additional time to remove the barricades, but that the deadline is "a matter of days" and that the Kosovo authorities will remove them themselves if NATO mission does not do so.

"They know nothing else but to repeat the mistakes of the nineties when they built barricades in Bosnia and Croatia. So, in a way, they only know how to repeat themselves," Kurti said.

He assessed that "if you repeat yourself, then you are preparing for failure" and added that he thinks the barricades will fail.

"I think a lot of it is connected with the Serbs who come from Serbia. And in the pictures on social networks, you can see how they brag and how they worship the Kremlin and the Wagnerians," Kurti said.

Regarding the West's calls for the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities, Kurti says that the formation of that body without recognition of Kosovo's independence is "like a pie without a pan, and that cannot be done".

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