Seventh day of barricades in the north of Kosovo: "Kurti continues hunting Serbs"

Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija are at the barricades for the seventh day.

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Friday, 16.12.2022.


Seventh day of barricades in the north of Kosovo:
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Seventh day of barricades in the north of Kosovo: "Kurti continues hunting Serbs"

The Serbs spent last night under tents, but they say that they will not give up their peaceful protests.

Serbs are even more alarmed after the news that another former member of the Kosovo police, Sladjan Trajković, was arrested last night, Prva TV reporter reports.

Sladjan Trajković was arrested in Bošnjačka Mahala in northern Kosovska Mitrovica. He is one of the members of the Kosovo Police who left the service.

"Kurti without a strategy threatens the security of Kosovo"

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, says that the situation in Kosovo has never been more serious, but that Prime Minister Albin Kurti does not have a strategy, reports Gazeta Blic.

"Serbia has a traditionally fascist policy towards Kosovo, it has always been its policy to talk about territories and not peoples in the Balkans. The situation has never been so serious, but I think that apart from the main responsibility that Belgrade has, Prime Minister Kurti took the wrong approach without consulting American partners about license plates, threatened the security of Kosovo," says Hoxhaj.

Hoxhaj reminds that since November 5, police stations in the north have been without policemen, municipalities without mayors and councilors, customs without customs officers, and there is a mass withdrawal of those who are integrated into the institutions of Kosovo.

According to the former foreign minister, Kurti has no strategy for a solution, mainly because he does not believe in dialogue.

"Independence for small states goes together with partnership, this applies to Kosovo, Albania and every country in the Balkans. Kurti tried to avoid a new phase of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue after the presentation of the French-German plan, trying to betray this acceleration of the dialogue, he does not believe in the dialogue. He rejected the part of Kosovo in the north of the country, where we do not have control over the territory," said Hoxhaj.

Kurti: Yes, it can be reached in a couple of months

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia in the form of full normalization of relations can be reached in a few months.

According to him, this requires the greatest possible involvement of Brussels and Washington.

Petković: With the arrest of Trajković, Kurti continues the hunt for Serbs

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petković, said that the new arrest of former Serbian policeman Sladjan Trajković shows that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti continues to hunt down Serbs and does not want to calm tensions. Petković asked on Twitter how evidence against Serbs who left Kosovo's institutions, which did not exist while they were part of them, is suddenly appearing.

"The new arrest of former Serbian police officer Sladjan Trajković in Kosovo shows that Kurti continues to hunt down Serbs, does not want to calm tensions and de-escalate the situation! How does evidence against Serbs who left institutions that did not exist when they were part of the Kosovo system suddenly appear?", he stated.

Gërvalla: Serbian soldiers will never set foot in Kosovo again

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla, said that Serbian soldiers will never be able to set foot in Kosovo again, reports Gazeta Express. "Serbia knows very well that not 1,000 soldiers, not even 10 Serbian soldiers will never enter Kosovo", Gërvalla said. As she said, such an adventure would lead Serbia to a dead end.

"I do not exclude the great desire for Serbia to cause incidents in Kosovo, but the dreams that Serbian soldiers can set foot in the Republic of Kosovo must stop once and for all. I do not believe that the adventurers do not know that such an adventure would lead Serbia to a dead end," she said.

Last night, the Government of Serbia decided to officially ask KFOR to return its troops to Kosovo. The news was delivered by President Aleksandar Vučić himself, who attended the Government session.

Gërvalla said that all the recent actions of Serbia are done with the aim of avoiding dialogue.

"During this year, Serbia has continuously shown that it is not interested in developing a dialogue with Kosovo, with mutual recognition. Now that the dialogue process has moved towards talks on a framework agreement, Serbia with a previously designed strategy... these actions are not accidental," she said.

She said that the threats of Serbia, as a country with a known tradition of aggression, are intolerable, adding that the institutions of Kosovo are ready to protect every corner of the country.

Also, Minister Gërvalla said that international forces are present to prevent another war in Kosovo and to guarantee peace and security.

She called Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić "the most pro-Putin personality" in the Balkans, while for Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacić, she said that he was one of Milosevic's closest people and his successor after his death.

"I believe that Vučić is the most pro-Putin figure in the Balkans. Dacić has meanwhile become the Minister of Foreign Affairs, a close associate of Milošević. He is not a minister, he was Milošević's spokesman and then his successor. It would be very naive for those people to bring changes in Serbia," Gërvalla said.

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