Direct message from Aleksandar Vučić: "Terrorist scum, take care..." VIDEO

Aleksandar Vučić spoke out after Albin Kurti's decision to appoint Nenad Rašić Minister for Communities, unconstitutionally and contrary to Brussels Agreement.

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Thursday, 01.12.2022.


Direct message from Aleksandar Vučić:
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Direct message from Aleksandar Vučić: "Terrorist scum, take care..." VIDEO

The president repeated that Brussels' statement is shameful, and that it is the mildest word that can be used.

"The election of Rašić, a man who won less than 1 percent, as well as Rada Trajković, who was on his list, shows that they want the persecution, expulsion and disappearance of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. And now I have a few things to say, before the official address and meeting with Olivér Várhelyi, if it ever comes to that," he said.

Vučić adds that this is a miserable anti-Serb attitude shown by the EU, and that what "terrorist scumbag Albin Kurti did, deserves condemnation".

"I have been silent for months and years, suffering nonsense from everyone in the region and the world. That terrorist scum should have received the well-deserved condemnation of the European Union. Of course, he didn't. He received something that maybe no one can understand. And that's how they behave all the time, not only that they violated the norms of the Brussels Agreement, international public law and all democratic norms," said the president.

Vučić pointed out that this is in line with the interests of a European power, which someone needs to implement against the Serbs.

"They chose the worst Serbian scum, from the bottom of the bucket, Rašić and Rada Trajković, there are no worse, who do not have the trust of anyone in Serbia, but they have the trust of Albin Kurti and the Western agencies. They think that they will scare us with that. No problem. You can destroy the President of Serbia, to organize protests in Serbia, to kill me. But for me, Kosovo and Metohija are the greatest Serbian holy places, for me Serbia is a holy place. It's better that I'm gone, than to hand it over to you, and I won't hand it over to you. And that's why no one from Serbia will be in Tirana, and you come nicely, travel by plane, talk nonsense, all of you from Europe and the Western Balkans," he said.

The president said that they can "rant about the fact that Serbia is to blame", but that he is not interested in that, and that Serbia is not guilty of anything.

"Well, let's see what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Then the next time you address Serbia, take into account what was adopted in Brussels, take care of the citizens of Serbia, since they are not the ninth hole in anyone's pipe, and I will not let you humiliate them. Serbia is on its own. We have problems in the energy sector, which I will tell the citizens about on Saturday," said Vučić, and sent a message to Kurti and Brussels.

"And to the terrorist scum - I have only one message: see to it that you don't hurt a single Serb, together with these quislings you have chosen. Because the Serbs will know how to answer. And you from Europe, shame on you, and that is a small thing compared to what I really want to tell you", he concluded.

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