Kurti spoke in Serbian: "We continue reciprocity towards Serbia"

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the campaign for re-registration of vehicles and reciprocity regarding personal documents will continue.

Izvor: Kosovo online

Wednesday, 10.08.2022.


Kurti spoke in Serbian:

Kurti spoke in Serbian: "We continue reciprocity towards Serbia"

He also added that he will not be stopped after September 1, reports Lajmi.

Kurti also said that there will be no need to pay for the document issued at the crossings in the north, as part of the decision on reciprocity. He also said that disinformation poses a risk to national security.

"I heard fake news that ID cards will be confiscated in the North in exchange for an entry-exit document. This is not true. The document is an additional paper that is given free of charge. I invite you to carefully follow the announcements of our government and the competent authorities. We know that the barricades that are often erected in the north, they do not come out of the blue. They neither represent you, our citizens, nor protect you, while on the other hand, the Kosovo Police and other security institutions are made up of our citizens without distinction and are at the service of our citizens without distinction", Kurti said.

As he adds, the change of license plates will bring relief from customs duties, which amount to around 5.000 euros. "On the other hand, the decision to equip those who present Serbian documents with an entry-exit document will not hinder their freedom of movement. The waiting time is on average 20 seconds," Kurti said.

According to reports, he said all this in Serbian.

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