Vučić: "I have four candidates for the president of the Serbian Progressive Party"

This morning, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that Serbia is not a divided country.

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Friday, 31.12.2021.



Vučić: "I have four candidates for the president of the Serbian Progressive Party"

"No matter what. People who want to give themselves importance say that. Serbia is much more united than ever," Vucic said.

He pointed out that it may have been shared by the media, but stated that "it is OK".

Vučić used football as a paradigm, and stated that people want to see someone fight and care.

"All people have the right to say what they think, to see what they want... I am proud that I have no problem saying that it was a serious crime in Srebrenica, but to show respect for the Serb victims, as well as the heroes from Kosare..." , he said for K1 and stated that Serbia should also mark operation "Storm".

"Vote 'yes'"

Speaking about the referendum, he pointed out that he would call on the citizens to vote "yes" in the upcoming referendum.

"I have four candidates"

Speaking about the upcoming elections, he pointed out that the Serbian Progressive Party has a team of the best people.

"We have the best team, the best people... A full decade at the helm of the party is enough, and I think it is fair to show that we have good and wonderful people. I have four candidates for the head of SNS...", explained the President of Serbia. He stated that he would explain in May why he was withdrawing.

"Maybe I wanted to be a normal, ordinary person, maybe I don't carry all the burdens of the world at all times. Maybe I want to spend more time with my family, to see what my daughter is doing, how she is studying... You simply feel when the time comes for something. I gave my whole self", Vucic said. Asked if he would return to the post of prime minister, the president asked: "Do you think that is really possible?" He pointed out that he lives for what will be written in 50 years.

Stating that in our country, people despise parties for an unknown reason, Vučić points out that political parties are an essential factor and bearer of the democratic order in society.

"I respect women"

He pointed out that he respects women very much, and that most of his team consists of female members.

"I despise those who are bullies... There are mostly women around me... All those women have been with me for 10 years and none of them have left... You have the largest percentage of women in our government. Most of my team consists of women. I guess, you judge a man by deeds", explained Vučić. Vučić also referred to the comments that he seemed to be "rather cold" in communication.

He stated that his job is to tell things that people don't like, and not "to take pictures with pets".

All tens and one nine

Vučić finished the first year of the High Sports School of Vocational Studies, which he enrolled in last year.

As he said, he finished the year with the best grades - he has all tens and only one nine. "Ask the professor if I knew... I have one nine, because I did not attend the exercises," Vučić revealed as a guest on TV K1. He added that he took all the exams live, not online.

"Attendance at exercises and lectures brings a certain number of points, and since I could not attend the exercises, I got nine", Vučić explained.

"On better terms with Santa Claus"

Speaking about whether he prefers the New Year or Christmas, he pointed out that he's on better terms with Santa Claus.

"Our father, and such were the times, did not like to celebrate New Year. He is a Serb from Bosnia and there are different historical reasons. He did not allow us to have Christmas trees. Once his mother brought one Christmas tree, he told her: Put it away. We were small, but we remember," Vucic shared his memories of the New Year's holidays from his early childhood.

He remembered that he went to the Christmas tree cutting with his father and that he likes Yule log more than the Christmas tree.“ "I still prefer Yule log," he said, noting that he did not hide anything and that it was always known what he prefers.

"I have an honest attitude towards people and I don't have to be liked by everyone," he said.

"Many don't like me, but they need me"

Asked if there are friendships in politics, he pointed out that people like to be close to the government and explained "that many do not like me, but they need me, but I understand that".

"It is common," Serbian President added. Speaking about the relations with Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, President pointed out that they continue to see each other, but not to socialize as before.

"Our business relationship is quite correct. What haven't you heard yet?! I don't think anyone is interested in that anymore. It is very important that we show a different face from the political parties that dealt with those with whom we would disagree," Vucic said.

"The difference in our relationship is not felt, it was not felt by our citizens, only I felt that change and it should remain so. When it comes to the difference between Djukanovic and Stefanovic, the only thing is that Djukanovic did nothing against the family, but we will continue to work so that Serbia and its citizens would not feel any conflict, but so that only the state would feel growth, the growth of both the prosecutor's office and the judiciary", he added.

As President points out, there will be a session of the SNS party on January 4 or 5, where it will be seen who is doing what, and which of the officials went on vacation to Dubai or to mountain resorts.
Asked if he would watch "Quo Vadis Aida", he said that there is no time, but that there is no problem with that. When asked if he watched "Dara from Jasenovac", Vučić pointed out that he watched it, but the reason was that the film was financed by the Government of Serbia, while "Quo vadis" was financed by Bakir Izetbegović "according to his knowledge".

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