"Vucic and Putin to meet; but there'll be no statements"

President Aleksandar Vucic will speak in the Kremlin on October 2 with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Beta has been told by diplomatic sources in Moscow.

Izvor: Beta

Friday, 28.09.2018.


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"Vucic and Putin to meet; but there'll be no statements"

According to announcements coming from the Kremlin, Putin and Vucic will not address journalists after the talks.

Vucic's previous meeting with Putin was during a two-day visit to Moscow in May, when he attended Victory Day celebrations.

Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Chepurin underlined during a recent meeting with Vucic that the October visit will be held in an important foreign policy period for Serbia and Russia.

"Our mutual activities are exclusively positive, aimed at strengthening relations between our countries, which have entered the stage of economic rise and national revival," said Chepurin.

He stressed that the meeting between Vucic and Putin confirms good personal relations and mutual respect between the two presidents.

"Our special relations are not an obstacle to developing relations with third countries, for example, Serbia with the EU. On the contrary," the ambassador said.

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