UK sent protest to Suriname for revoking Kosovo recognition

Britain lodged a protest to Suriname <a href="" class="text-link" target= "_blank">for revoking its recognition of Kosovo</a>, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has revealed.

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Monday, 20.11.2017.


UK sent protest to Suriname for revoking Kosovo recognition
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UK sent protest to Suriname for revoking Kosovo recognition

"We are gladdened by the decision of Suriname, as well as the position of Guinea Bissau, which speaks to the current government holding the standpoint of defending the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia," Dacic said.

Speaking with journalists before the beginning of the session of the presidency of his Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Dacic also told reporters that a paper, which, according to Pristina authorities, proves that Guinea Bissau has recognized Kosovo, did not undergo legal procedures in that African country, and is considered to be a forgery by its officials.

"In light of the events in Catalonia, there is more and more thinking in the world about the consequences of recognizing Kosovo and Metohija. Taiwan was at one point recognized by 70 states, and look at how many that is today. Yugoslavia, too, recognized Western Sahara, and then revoked it," Dacic said.

"EU, and just solution"

Speaking on Sunday, Dacic said that Serbia's membership in the European Union (EU), and a just solution to the issue of Kosovo, were Serbia's strategic goals.

He said that Serbia was waging a difficult battle to protect national interests while, as he put it, the interests of the Great Powers "are intertwined" over Serbia.

"In this political maze we need to find a way out that would be in our best interest. There are several questions marks, including the fact that Serbia is making its way to the EU, while most of the EU members have recognized Kosovo's independence. We are also waging a difficult battle in opening new accession chapters, because not everything depends on national reforms and potentials, but a Brussels report on the progress made in talks with Pristina is also required," Dacic said.

The Serbian foreign minister announced that he would take part in a meeting of La Francophonie foreign ministers in Paris on November 24, where, as he put it, he would try to persuade "our former friends" from that part of the world that had recognized the independence of Kosovo to reconsider their decision.

The minister also said that after his visit to Paris he would meet regional ministers at the Atlantic Council's meeting in Washington, where he would also meet with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchel.

The Serbian official and SPS leader also said his party was welcoming the decision of their coalition partners SNS to hold local elections in Belgrade, but not early parliamentary elections.

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