Serbia remains Russia's "rare ally" in Europe - AP

The U.S. agency Associated Press is reporting this Wednesday about the visit of Security Council of the Russian Federation head Nikolai Patrushev to Serbia.

Izvor: AP

Wednesday, 26.10.2016.


Serbia remains Russia's
Nebojsa Stefanovic and Nikolai Patrushev bow in front of the Serbian flag in Belgrade (Tanjug)

Serbia remains Russia's "rare ally" in Europe - AP

According to the report - "Russia's top security official urged closer cooperation from Serbia, part of Moscow's efforts to boost its influence in the Balkan country that wants to become an EU member."

The agency further notes that Serbia, an EU hopeful, nevertheless "refused to impose West-backed sanctions on Russia" - a country described as "a historic Slavic and Orthodox Christian friend."

Patrushev, meanwhile, is said to be "secretary of President Vladimir Putin's Security Council" - and a man "believed to be one of Putin's most influential allies."

The news agency further reported that in his meeting with Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, Patrushev called on Serbia to sign "a memorandum of understanding" in 2017, and stressed that Russia already signed such documents with its "most trusted partners."

According to the AP, Stefanovic for his part said there was "room for improvement in security ties between the two countries."

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