"We won't budge an inch before Croatia becomes reasonable"

Ivica Dacic said on Friday that he "expects Croatia to annul its unreasonable decisions" - i.e., its blockade of cargo traffic coming from Serbia.

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Friday, 25.09.2015.


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"We won't budge an inch before Croatia becomes reasonable"

"We are not budging an inch," Dacic reiterated.

Asked "why Zagreb would give in when they ignored the first call from Brussels to unblock (border) crossings," Dacic said there was "no pressure there," and added:

"Officials from Brussels only reminded Zagreb that it must respect the principles the EU is based on. I don't believe there is any organized behind-the-curtains game of Brussels and the Croats. Although, when it comes to the Croats, all means are allowed against the Serbs."

According to him "everyone knows we introduced our reciprocal measures in defense against their unilateral, unlawful acts."

"That was a diplomatic and political gaffe and a defeat for Croatia. The whole Europe is against them, because they trampled on all conventions and principles of organizations they belong to - from the EU to the UN. This is about pre-election marketing of (Croatian PM) Zoran Milanovic, but this playing of games of his is causing negative consequences for the whole region," said Dacic, and concluded:

"We are waiting for Milanovic to come to his senses."

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