Shameful decision - Djokovic subjected to doping control before the match

An unpleasant situation happened right before the start of the match between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie.

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Friday, 24.11.2023.


Shameful decision - Djokovic subjected to doping control before the match
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Shameful decision - Djokovic subjected to doping control before the match

With an hour and a half prior to the start of the second duel between Serbia and Great Britain at the Davis Cup, Novak was chosen to be subjected to doping control.

Djokovic also talked about the incomprehensible organization after the match.

"I haven't done a complete doping control yet, I had yet to draw blood. A man sits in the corner, he follows me for hours. I had a discussion with him, because in 20 years of my career, it didn't happen to me before. I received a notification an hour and a half before the match. I have my routine and I don't need to be distracted. To think about drawing blood, to think about whether I will be able to give a sample of urine... A completely illogical decision. When I spoke to the representative of doping agency, they told me that the reason was that it would be very late after the match and also to give the other national team time to rest, but then I told them that the winner of tonight's duel will not play tomorrow," said Djokovic and added:

"I've always supported testing, but not before the match. What will that change? I'll be there, when the match is over, test me. I have a blood test coming up. I hope they change the decision."

He characterized this decision as "shameful".

"It is interesting that the doping agency is a private company. There should be a discussion that we as a world organization within our ecosystem, so to speak, have our own agency. I don't know what to add, probably everything I say will be interpreted differently. This is outrageous. There's nothing to hide, but there are also some limits. They don't understand what's happening here. They don't understand sport, they don't understand where they are," Djokovic points out.

To make matters worse, unaware of their mistake, they also wanted to test coach Viktor Troicki.

"They even startled me, but they confused me with Kecmanović. They are just doing their job, following their boss' request. No kidding," Troicki joked.

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