Oliver Ivanovic's relative missing, suspected killed

A taxi driver from northern Kosovska Mitrovica, who went missing three days ago and is suspected to have been killed, is a relative of Oliver Ivanovic.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 06.03.2019.


Oliver Ivanovic's relative missing, suspected killed
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Oliver Ivanovic's relative missing, suspected killed

Ksenija Bozovic, now the leader of Ivanovic's party, GI SDP, confirmed for the Kosova Press agency that the missing taxi driver is a relative of Ivanovic.

"We are extremely worried. He was an honest man, he was constantly it touch with Oliver and he often came to the headquarters of the Initiative (G SDP). I don't know the real reason why this is happening, but it's sad," said Bozovic.

She appealed to the competent authorities to shed light on this case as soon as possible.

Referring to its sources, the agency's website writes that "a trace of blood" had been found in the missing man's taxi.

Kosovo police official in northern Kosovo, Besim Hoti, confirmed that the vehicle had been found, and that the police "immediately came to the scene, and an investigation has been opened."

Hoti confirmed that "traces that could indicate that a crime was committed" had been found in the car, but did not specify what kind of traces.

"They weren't close"

Oliver Ivanovic's widow Milena Ivanovic told the Belgrade-based tabloid Alo on Wednesday upon learning the news that the missing man, whose initials are I.V. (representing last then first name, according to official Serbian convention), and her late husband were not closely related.

She also said that she feared this information had been placed "maliciously."

"Oliver and Vladimir were not close relatives. It's customary with us to refer to people who have the same last name as 'cousins' - but in my 12 years living with Oliver, I never had any close contact with him (Vladimir), nor has my husband. Vladimir was engaged in the party, just as hundreds of other people," Ivanovic said.

"I fear that this news has been placed maliciously, but I expect competent institutions to react and investigate the case," she said.

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