Man shouts "Allahu Akbar", attacks police with machete

The police in Raska have shot a man in the leg after he attacked them with a machete, as they were attempting to serve a court summons.

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Friday, 09.09.2016.


Man shouts

Man shouts "Allahu Akbar", attacks police with machete

The suspect, B.N., was first taken to the hospital where he received medical treatment, and was then put in jail.

The police are yet to issue a statement, but unofficial reports suggest that the incident happened in the Roma settlement of Kucevski Lug, and that the man attacked the officers with a machete while shouting "Allahu Akbar."

One policeman shot him in the leg in self defense. The attacker was then subdued.

Some media outlets have described the suspect as a member of the radical Muslim Wahhabi movement, however, Radio Sto Plus said there was "no official data linking him to the Wahhabis or radical Islamists."

The police are quoted as telling the radio station that "although he has been declaring himself as a Wahhabi for ten years - there is no information that B.N. is a member of some movement, or that the attack was motivated by a Radical interpretation of Islam."

"The person in question is known to the police for committing numerous criminal acts, starting with disturbing the public peace and order, to insulting and attacking police officers," the radio said it was told by the police.

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