Veljović named Police Director

The Serbian Government has named Milorad Veljović its first ever Police Director.

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Friday, 16.06.2006.


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Veljović named Police Director

The new position of Police Director was implemented with the new Police Law adopted in the fall. The Police Director serves at the head of the Police Directorate, which is the institutional successor of the Public Security agency. The director serves as some sort of operative police commander, with the exception of special units, which need the go-ahead from the Internal Affairs Ministry in order to be assigned to a case.

Former Serbian Interpol chief Budimir Babović expects that this new position will help to de-politicise the police force.

“I believe that this will, along with the Law for the National Security Agencies work report, help divide police work, and that it will help increase the professionalism of police officials in security tasks and in protecting public order and peace, as well as the security of citizens.” Babović said.

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