#NoKosovoUnesco: Campaign against Kosovo's UNESCO bid

The Serbian president's official YouTube channel has published a video about the destruction of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo.

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Friday, 30.10.2015.


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#NoKosovoUnesco: Campaign against Kosovo's UNESCO bid

"The campaign is meant for foreign media in those countries that will vote on the intiative to allow Kosovo to join UNESCO," the presidency has said.

The caption for the video reads: "Four pearls of world heritage: the Monastery of Decani, Patriarchate of Pec, Gracanica and Bogorodica Ljeviska Church are still inscribed on the UNESCO List of the world heritage in danger. The ones requesting UNESCO membership today are the ones who exposed it to danger. Not even today can we hear the words of condemnation of such crimes, or detect readiness to find and punish the perpetrators."

President Tomislav Nikolic recently held a meeting with ambassadors posted in Belgrade over Albania's initiative for Kosovo to join UNESCO, when the film about the destruction of Serbian cultural heritage was also shown.

On the occasion, Nikolic gave the ambassadors the book "Christian heritage in Kosovo and Metohija - the historical and spiritual homeland of the Serb people." Copies of the book were also given, via the diplomats, to their countries' heads, and heads of international organizations.

Earlier this month, Director of the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric announced that volunteers would be organized in the coming months to take part in a campaign to spread the truth about Serbian heritage and spirituality in Kosovo on the internet.

UNESCO's Executive Board recently decided to recommend Kosovo's membership in the organization to the General Conference, that will be held in November.

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