Macedonia: Train kills at least 14 migrants

A train traveling on the Gevgelija-Belgrade line has killed at least 14 migrants near the station in Pcinj, Macedonia.

Izvor: B92

Friday, 24.04.2015.


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Macedonia: Train kills at least 14 migrants

The accident happened around 22:30 CET on Thursday. A group of some 50 illegal migrants, believed to have come from Somalia and Afghanistan, was walking along the railway tracks when the train hit them.

Because the space around the tracks is "narrow" at the location where the accident happened, they had no way to escape.

The bodies of the victims have been taken to Veles, while ambulances and rescuers are still at the scene, the Macedonian media are reporting on Friday.

Eight migrants have been taken into custody while the police continue to search for the survivors who managed to escape from the scene of the tragedy.

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