FM: Pope's visit in interest of state of Serbia

Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić has said that it was "in the interest of the state of Serbia" for Roman Catholic Pope Francis to visit the country.

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Friday, 27.06.2014.


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FM: Pope's visit in interest of state of Serbia

Serbia has Catholic and Protestant Christian minorities, while a majority of its population is Eastern Orthodox.

Dačić also stated that Serbia "politically wants to have as good understanding as possible with the Vatican on issues of common interest," and to be able to discuss "even the most unpleasant issues in mutual relations."

He pointed out that there were "different views" regarding Croatian WW2-era Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, adding that "this issue adds the noise into our relations."

Dačić thanked the Vatican for its "principled support to Serbia" regarding membership in the European Union and over Kosovo, noting that it has not recognized the unilaterally proclaimed independence of the province.

Dačić and Mamberti on Friday signed a bilateral agreement related to higher education.

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