Netanyahu announced a turnaround: Maybe we should postpone...

Israel's military offensive on the southern Palestinian city of Rafah could be "delayed somewhat" if a ceasefire agreement is reached between Israel and Hamas.

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Monday, 26.02.2024.


Netanyahu announced a turnaround: Maybe we should postpone...
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Netanyahu announced a turnaround: Maybe we should postpone...

This was said by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, adding that an absolute victory over Hamas could be achieved a few weeks after the offensive begins.

Netanyahu confirmed to CBS on Sunday that talks on a weeks-long ceasefire and the release of the hostages were ongoing, without giving further details.

Talks on a temporary truce continued Sunday at the level of special representatives of all sides, Egyptian state television Al Cairo reported, citing an Egyptian official who said talks would continue in Cairo.

Egypt, Qatar and the USA participate in reaching the agreement, and representatives of Israel are also present. Netanyahu said this week he would propose to the war cabinet to approve the operational plans, which include the evacuation of Palestinian civilians to another location in the Gaza Strip from Rafah, according to the AP.

"When the operation begins, the intensive phase of the fighting will last for weeks, not months. And if we don't have an agreement, we will certainly do so," he told CBS and emphasized that the six remaining Hamas battalions are concentrated in Rafah. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told NBC that President Joseph Biden had not been briefed on the plans for Rafah.

"We believe that this operation should not begin until or unless we see a plan to protect civilians," Sullivan said.

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