Great Britain made a mess? Army deployed, aircrafts raised

Tensions between Venezuela and Guyana that have been going on for weeks have entered a new phase.


Friday, 29.12.2023.


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Great Britain made a mess? Army deployed, aircrafts raised

The new phase came after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the deployment of the military near the borders, both on land and at sea.

After a few weeks ago he organized a referendum on the annexation of parts of Guyana, Maduro now went a step further, and as the culprit for the whole situation he blamed Great Britain, which sent a warship to this area, which Maduro assessed as a provocation.

On that occasion, Venezuela deployed 5,600 soldiers near the border and announced that military exercises are underway.

"The defense exercise is a response to Great Britain's provocation and threat against the peace and sovereignty of our country. This threat is unacceptable for Venezuela and any country in the region. We do not mess with anyone, but no one can harm Venezuela," Maduro said.

In addition to soldiers, Venezuela deployed three ocean patrol ships, two logistics transport ships, three multi-purpose vessels and 23 aircrafts.

Among other things, Maduro said that Venezuela is ready for dialogue and peace diplomacy.

"We believe in diplomacy, in peace, but no one can threaten us. We do not accept threats from Great Britain," said the first man of Venezuela.

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