Tears in the courtroom: Parents of murdered children in "Ribnikar" revealed details

The trial of the Kecmanović family and "Vladislav Ribnikar" Elementary School in the civil proceedings continued today at 9 a.m. in the High Court in Belgrade.

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Thursday, 28.12.2023.


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Tears in the courtroom: Parents of murdered children in "Ribnikar" revealed details

The first prosecutors were heard.

The court summoned nine members of the Martinović, Božović and Čikić families, who will testify before the judicial authorities for the first time and talk about their loss and the crime. The second main hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, December 29, when five members of the Aćimović and Vlahović families will testify.

First, Ivan and Ninela Božović testified, the parents whose daughter was killed in the school hall, because she was on duty that morning. They told how they were looking for their daughter in front of the school when they heard that there was a shooting, how they rushed to the Emergency Center, hoping that she was only injured and still alive.

As they stated, when all the children from her class came out in front of the school, they still hoped that their daughter had hidden somewhere.

They talked how shocked they were when the police told them that Ana was gone, about the agony they went through in those days, the inability to function and devote themselves to their older son, about the difficulty of accepting that they no longer had a child...

There were about fifty of their friends, relatives, and many journalists in the courtroom during their testimony, and during their testimony, they all cried.

There was a particularly poignant moment when the mother of the murdered girl testified, who said that even after she learned from the police that Ana was among the murdered, and after returning home and announcing the news to her relatives, she again went to the front of the school in the hope of finding her.

"Regardless of everything we found out, I don't accept that she's gone. I go again after school in the hope that I'll meet her there, but it's not true.

I met the director whom I asked "is it really her" and who tells me "yes, I identified her", she said.

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