Putin enraged? The order has already been issued VIDEO

Vladimir Putin is "absolutely furious" after Kiev missiles destroyed his warship in Crimea, reports the British Independent.

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Thursday, 28.12.2023.


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Putin enraged? The order has already been issued VIDEO

According to the Ukrainian group Atesh, the Russian president has even ordered city-wide raids and is expected to punish the Crimean anti-aircraft forces.

It is about the destruction of the ship Novocherkassk, which was part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, and the videos published on social networks show that it was completely destroyed in an attack by Ukrainian forces.

Atesh announced on Telegram that "the flywheel of repression is turning... Since yesterday, local residents have been raided throughout the city, their mobile phones are confiscated and their houses searched".

They reported that the Russian president was so enraged by the destruction of the large amphibious assault ship that he issued an order punishing the Crimean air defense force. It is expected that many commanders will be replaced and sent to the front to participate in assault groups.

The Novocherkassk ship was used to transport ammunition and personnel to the Zaporizhzhia Front in southern Ukraine, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said.

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