Here's where school bomb threats come from

Regarding a series of false reports about bombs in schools, the Minister of Education said that the police will "do everything" to find those behind it.

Izvor: Blic

Monday, 11.12.2023.


Here's where school bomb threats come from

Here's where school bomb threats come from

Also this morning, reports of planted bombs were received at primary and secondary schools throughout Belgrade, and the police carried out checks at those locations. Children and employees have been evacuated from schools, and while some are waiting to return to classes, some schools have sent notices to parents to pick up their children.

Although the reports have turned out to be false every time, the counter-subversion team goes to the field every time and the police have an exact sequence of actions and a specific way of checking that they apply depending on the age of the children.

As Blic unofficially learns, the reports must have come from abroad, because this trend has also spread internationally, so reports about bombs also arrive in Macedonia, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia...

Experts believe that this is certainly an abuse of rights, the aim of which is to cause fear and general confusion in society.

Serbia's police and judicial institutions recently said there was progress in the investigation into false school bomb threats, thanks to exchanges with European mechanisms for rapid police and criminal justice cooperation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, the Prosecutor's Office for High-Tech Crime and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime stated in a joint statement that they "undertook a series of police and prosecutorial actions" in Serbia, but also through the European Union's mechanisms for rapid police and criminal justice cooperation, Europol and Eurojust.

"The knowledge and evidence that were exchanged, analyzed and established on those occasions are extremely technically complex, but they enabled progress in conducting the investigation," they said in a statement.

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