"Unfortunately, Putin was right"

Putin was right when he said that Russia became stronger after the start of the war in Ukraine, stated the columnist of the German magazine "Spiegel".

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Tuesday, 05.12.2023.


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"Unfortunately, Putin was right"

"President Putin says that his country has become stronger after sending troops to Ukraine. "Unfortunately, he is right," admitted German journalist Ann-Dorit Boy.

She recalled the words of the Russian President from last year, that the "special operation", as the Russians call the war in Ukraine, is going according to plan, but that many did not believe it, but expected that the Russian Federation would fail.

"Today we have to admit that Russia is doing well and that Ukraine fears a Russian offensive. In addition, the Russian leader is satisfied with the results and shows self-confidence. Putin, according to the current position, emerges as the winner on the battlefield," she assesses.

In addition, the journalist pointed out that, despite the expectations of the West, the Russian economy "did not collapse" under the pressure of sanctions and is even trying to grow.

"Economic policies in the short and probably medium term will lead to growth, which will ultimately benefit Russians. Unemployment is low. Russia's construction industry is even setting records, and Putin is pleased because Russia has regained its sovereignty as a global force," the German journalist concluded, and the Russian portal Russia Today Balkan reported.

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