Vučić: Every success of Serbia bothers them

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the citizens of Serbia, discussing all current topics, elections, but also financial aid from the state.

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Wednesday, 29.11.2023.


Vučić: Every success of Serbia bothers them

Vučić: Every success of Serbia bothers them

About the attacks of the opposition media

At the very beginning, Vučić pointed out how he sees the actions of the opposition media and the opposition.

"All the people knew, for the first time someone measured in a second how much was invested in the campaign for my destruction. Every day is the same from morning to night, not even the weather forecast can do without Vučić. When the sun is out, we make the workers work in the heat, and when there is snow, snow surprised Vučić and his team again. Every success of Serbia bothers them," he said.

As he said, it is obvious that the interests of foreign powers and domestic tycoons are so great that it no longer makes any sense.

Payment tomorrow

Vučić reiterated that the payment of a one-time aid of 20,000 dinars to pensioners will start tomorrow, and social assistance the day after tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, payments to pensioners start, the day after tomorrow to beneficiaries of social assistance and caregivers, payments to high school children will also start very soon, and we think this is a good, nice measure before the holidays, which made people happy. The public debt rate is 51 percent, which is incredible despite the coronavirus, wars, migrants".

About parents of children from ''Ribnikar''

As he said, they told him that nothing was done for the parents in ''Ribnikar''.

"It's about the parents of murdered children. The Council of Parents is mostly made up of parents whose children were not murdered. Branko Anđelković, the parent of a murdered child, should have been on the Council, and the government supported that. But when someone doesn't know anything, it dehumanizes you... They cared about them so much that they didn't even send their condolences... It's that kind of hypocrisy, their whole campaign boils down to lies," Vučić pointed out.

About the campaign

Vučić also referred to the pre-election program of the opposition.

"They do something else, they live in their own bubble in which the truth is only what they say. They don't really care about the reality. There was a certain expert from Nis from the list of Serbia against violence, who said that they are building factories for which they negotiated. They live in the fact that everything they say can go through. I know my rights, I know what I can, what I can't, but you can't convince me that you are human heroes rather than human disgrace."

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