A specialized EULEX team arrived in the north of Kosovo

A specialized team of six police advisors has been deployed to the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

Izvor: Tanjug

Friday, 24.11.2023.


A specialized EULEX team arrived in the north of Kosovo

A specialized EULEX team arrived in the north of Kosovo

The team was deployed to strengthen the advisory and monitoring capacities of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in the province, EULEX announced today.

The team was deployed on November 23, in accordance with the mission's mandate, to advise the so-called Kosovo Police on how to best carry out regular police activities in preventing and fighting crime and providing security, "while also monitoring compliance with their obligations regarding human rights, serving the communities they protect and increasing the trust of the population through community-oriented policing," said the EULEX press release, Koha reports.

The deployment of this special team will initially last two months, with the possibility of continuation until, as announced by EULEX, "the mission creates a long-term advisory capacity of the police in the north of Kosovo."

The Specialized Team includes three members each from the Netherlands and Sweden, and as stated, they will, relying on their experience and expertise in community policing, work in the northern municipalities in close cooperation with their colleagues from the so-called Kosovo Police and with higher EULEX police advisors, who advise the Regional Directorate of Police in North Mitrovica and four police stations under its command.

"The deployment of specialized teams with different expertise and capacities is an instrument provided for by the Pact of the Common Civilian Policy for Security and Defense (CSDP) which was approved in May 2023 for the rapid deployment of experts in civilian CSDP missions for rapid response to operational needs and security developments on the field," the announcement states.

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