Vučić responded to the brutal attacks: "I am proud of my father; We will save Serbia"

President Aleksandar Vučić released a video with his father Andjelko, responding to the brutal attacks that started the campaign for the upcoming elections.

Izvor: B92

Friday, 03.11.2023.


Vučić responded to the brutal attacks:

Vučić responded to the brutal attacks: "I am proud of my father; We will save Serbia"

"When I announced the elections, I asked all political actors to be fair. Unfortunately, the campaign started with brutal insults, the likes of which we haven't seen in decades," said Vučić.

As he said, such a campaign has not been seen for years, not only in our country but also in the wider area.

"Those politicians who tried to attack the Vučić family through their media did not attack only my mother, my father, me... They attacked every family in Serbia. They want the destruction of our families, they want the destruction of our country," he said. Vučić reminded that they wrote that he denied that a certain Fahri Musliu was his father, wanting to say that he actually is.

"I am proud of my father. He is much better than me and I learned a lot from him. Let me tell you once again, my father is Andjelko, I love him infinitely, we will save the country from you. We will save all the families in Serbia, we will save Serbia from you irresponsible, from you persecutors, from you who would destroy everything that this country has made," said Vučić.

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