War – day 584: "They were executed"; Monastery shelled; War rages in Ukraine

War in Ukraine – 584th day.

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Saturday, 30.09.2023.


War – day 584:
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War – day 584: "They were executed"; Monastery shelled; War rages in Ukraine

Kyiv's forces try to carry out attacks on Russian territory with drones almost every day.

Battles are being fought on several fronts. In the West, they admit that there is fatigue with the Ukrainian topic.

"They were executed"

In the Southern Donets direction, the Russian army liquidated more than 120 Ukrainian soldiers, the American-made M777 howitzer and the Polish self-propelled howitzer "Krab".

Ukrainians shelled the monastery in the DNR

Two men were wounded today in an attack by Ukrainian forces on the monastery of St. Nicholas in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR), announced the leader of the DNR Denis Pushilin.

He stated on Telegram that Ukrainian forces shelled the territory belonging to the monastery, reports RIA Novosti. As specified by TASS, referring to unnamed sources from regional emergency services, a monk and a religious follower were wounded.

The infrastructure of the monastery was damaged in the attack. According to the Emergency Situations Agency, Ukrainian forces used cluster munitions in the attack. 45 monks currently live on the territory of the monastery, said abbess Ana Morozova.

Destruction of positions of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the village of Spornoye

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