"The war is lost. They are coming back in coffins"; A possible coup?

Former writer of Putin's speeches, political analyst Abbas Galyamov in an interview with CNN pointed out that there's a possibility of a military coup in Russia

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Tuesday, 31.01.2023.



"The war is lost. They are coming back in coffins"; A possible coup?

Former writer of Putin's speeches and political analyst Abbas Galyamov is convinced, as he says, that the Russians will look for someone to blame for significant military losses on the battlefield in Ukraine and economic problems caused by Western sanctions.

"The Russian economy is collapsing. The war is lost. More and more dead people are coming back to Russia in coffins, so the Russians will encounter more difficulties and they will try to find an explanation for why this is happening, looking around at the political processes, and they will answer to themselves: ' Well, it's because our country is ruled by an old tyrant, an old dictator,'" Galyamov said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"At this moment, I think a military coup will become possible," he added, noting that it could happen in the next 12 months.

"When the political situation changes and when the hated unpopular president is at the head of the country and the war is really unpopular, and blood needs to be shed for that, at that moment a coup becomes a real possibility," he continued.

He also says that he assumes that Putin could cancel the presidential elections scheduled for March 2024.

"Judging by his actions, when he escalates the situation unnecessarily, he could really cancel the elections. Without a victory over Ukraine, he will face difficulties. The Russians don't need him if he is not strong. He could really declare a state of emergency and cancel the elections", Galyamov concluded.

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