Moscow: "We will respond with all available means"

Moscow will use all available means to oppose the American line of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, says the deputy head of Russian diplomacy.

Izvor: Sputnik

Monday, 30.01.2023.


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Moscow: "We will respond with all available means"

In an interview for Sputnik, Sergey Ryabkov pointed out that, practically, according to all the indicators that can be imagined from the point of view of the bilateral dialogue with the United States of America, the situation has currently reached a dead end.

"Our relations have reached this impasse because of Washington's anti-Russian line, which has been getting tougher year by year, month by month in recent years. The entire security situation, including arms control, has turned out to be a hostage within the US line of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia," the diplomat explained.

Ryabkov said that Russia will oppose it most decisively, using all available means and methods.

The Russian diplomat emphasized that Russia does not need anything from the West and that Moscow wants to be left alone, but that NATO intimidates neighboring countries with Russophobic horror stories.

"Many times we have made it known, explained in a nice way, but also in a harsher form, that it should not be done, that there will be consequences. We will not give up our legitimate security interests and we will not allow the Russian people to be insulted. "The Americans did not listen or take our warnings seriously, but only continued to incite Kyiv against Moscow in every possible way," said the deputy minister.

According to him, in the conditions when the United States of America decided to deliver tanks to Ukraine, it is pointless to talk not only with Kyiv, but also with its patrons who are pulling the strings.

"Our position on this matter is well known, and I think Washington is as well. We are ready to consider all serious initiatives to solve the Ukrainian crisis, but so far no one has really formulated them. In the current conditions, when Washington announced the decision to deliver tanks, and its vassals, including Ottawa, are competing who and how many armored vehicles will be delivered to Ukraine, especially old ones, it is pointless to talk not only with the Ukrainian Nazis, but also with their patrons who are pulling the strings. Many of them are simply ridiculous because of their ignorance," underlined Ryabkov.

The diplomat believes that after the statements of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former French President François Hollande and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, "if anyone had any illusions about Western mediation regarding the Minsk agreements and the Normandy process, they must finally be rejected".

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