Eleven points

The envoy of the European Union, Miroslav Lajčak, said that the proposal for the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština contains 11 points.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 25.01.2023.


Eleven points
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Eleven points

"I saw some texts that were presented in the media, which were not correct, invented by certain people. There were changes, because after the first presentation of the proposal, I visited Pristina and Belgrade. We talked and asked for comments, then we tried to incorporate them into proposal. We said very clearly that the essence of the proposal cannot be changed," Lajcak said.

In the "Rubicon" show on Klan Kosova television, he emphasized that if one of the parties does not accept the plan, the international community will react appropriately and will support one side, or will reduce support for the other side. Speaking about the version of the proposal that was published a few days ago in the Belgrade media, Lajcak says that this text is not the same as the one that was offered to Belgrade and Pristina.

"It's close, but it's not the same, let's not play with it," said Lajcak. Lajčak also said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, speaking about the meetings with the European envoys, clearly stated his position. "I would like it to be easy, it is really important that we are on the right path," he said and added that international negotiators are holding separate talks with Belgrade and Pristina.

"When we gather them (Belgrade and Pristina), we expect them to accept the plan, sign it and implement it, of course, so we will make sure that what is signed is implemented," Lajcak said. As he said, international negotiators do not come with threats or ultimatums, because the goal is to achieve normalization in relations between Pristina and Belgrade. As he said, Prishtina will only benefit from the European proposal, that is, "it does not lose anything, but gains a lot", as well as that guarantees for the "fifth step" cannot be requested without taking the "first step".

"With this proposal, Kosovo loses nothing and gains a lot. The first step for me is to focus on the first step of the agreement, you cannot ask for guarantees for the fifth step without doing the first step," said Lajcak. According to his words, the proposal does not bring "the end of the story", but continues the path to a "legally binding agreement". As he explained, the proposal leaves some questions unresolved, but contains a solution to many problems.

"The proposal is very good, it gives a lot to Kosovo, the status of Kosovo and relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the international position of Kosovo, I would say as much as possible at this moment. This is not the end of the story, this is not very important, the story continues with what was written. We will not finish, we will continue with this to the end," he said. Lajcak, among other things, mentioned some of the benefits that Kosovo will have from this agreement. "Kosovo has a lot to gain in terms of its own status, the quality of relations with Serbia, regional cooperation will be unlocked", Lajcak specified.

The proposal contains 11 points, as presented in the first version," he said. He recalled that he presented that plan in September and that he then spoke with the representative of the temporary institutions, Albin Kurti, to whom he presented the updated plan, and that last week was "the first substantial discussion regarding the plan".

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