Ambassadors of France and Germany in Serbia: We do not blackmail Serbia

The guests of the show on TV Prva are German ambassador Anke Konrad and French ambassador Pierre Cauchard.

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Tuesday, 24.01.2023.


Ambassadors of France and Germany in Serbia: We do not blackmail Serbia
Printskrin: TV Prva

Ambassadors of France and Germany in Serbia: We do not blackmail Serbia

In the show, they discuss the Franco-German proposal, what it says and what kind of "punishment" awaits Serbia if it rejects the proposal.

Can the reconciliation and partnership that Germany and France achieved 60 years ago with the Elysée Agreement be a model for Serbs' relations with Albanians and Croats? This is being discussed today with German Ambassador Anke Konrad and French Ambassador Pierre Cauchard on TV Prva.

After the end of the Second World War, it took almost 20 years for Germany and France to sign the Elysée Agreement on January 22, 1963. More than 20 years have passed since the Balkan wars of the 1990s, but the Kosovo issue is still unresolved, Serbia and Croatia have been trying to thaw their relations again these days, inter-ethnic relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina have not moved too far since the days of Dayton. Is it possible to reconcile Serbs and Albanians or Serbs and Croats by implementing your recipe?

"If you look at the Elysée Agreement, we have to say that it is a great success that was built and made at the will of the German Chancellor and the President of Denmark. They had the wisdom and courage to sign an agreement that is unique because every conflict has its background. We think that it can be inspiration for Serbia because we think it can be a good step for reconciliation," Konrad said.

The media published a draft of the German-French proposal, which President Vučić said last night was actually the previous version of that plan, which does not differ much from the last version. Can you tell us what those differences are?

"President Vučić said that that document is confidential, we cannot talk about the details, but that document has one goal. And that is to overcome the conflict that has been going on for years. We want to give a new dynamic to the dialogue, the normalization of Belgrade and Pristina's relations is the goal, and we want to speed it up," says French Ambassador Pierre Cauchard.

As for threats to Serbia, he said:

"I am not a participant in the negotiations, but I can say that we do not have a punitive approach towards Serbia. We are not talking about sanctions and blackmail. We only present advantages and benefits if both sides agree, otherwise there will be consequences, but these are not sanctions, but an opportunity for the overall progress and development of the region," Cauchard claims.

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