Explosion in the Embassy of Ukraine; There are injured VIDEO

The Spanish police announced today that in an explosion at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, an employee was injured when he opened a letter-bomb.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 30.11.2022.


Explosion in the Embassy of Ukraine; There are injured VIDEO

Explosion in the Embassy of Ukraine; There are injured VIDEO

A member of the embassy staff received minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, according to a police statement.

Today, Ukraine stepped up security measures in its embassies abroad after this explosion.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on all Ukrainian embassies abroad to urgently strengthen security measures.

Kuleba also called on his Spanish colleagues to take immediate measures to investigate the attack. The Ukrainian minister said that whoever is behind the attack will not succeed in intimidating Ukrainian diplomats or stopping them from working every day to strengthen Ukraine and counter Russian aggression.

The letter, which arrived by regular mail and was not scanned, caused a "very small injury on the ring finger of the right hand" of an employee of the Ukrainian embassy, the representative of the government in Madrid, Mercedes Gonzáles told Telemadrid television.

The incident is being investigated by forensic and intelligence investigators, the Spanish police said. The Spanish High Court will lead the investigation.

A residential area surrounding the Ukrainian embassy in northwest Madrid has been cordoned off and a bomb disposal unit has been deployed to the site, state broadcaster TVE reported.

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