Subotica welcomes Vučić: "In time of trouble, one country stands by Serbia" VIDEO

Serbian Progressive Party is holding a pre-election rally in Subotica, where SNS President Aleksandar Vucic is speaking.

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Tuesday, 29.03.2022.


Subotica welcomes Vučić:
Foto: SNS

Subotica welcomes Vučić: "In time of trouble, one country stands by Serbia" VIDEO

The rally is being held on Freedom Square.

SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić stated in Subotica that he hopes to have the time, desire and energy to learn Hungarian.

"Thank you for being here with us and for creating the future of a decent and modern Serbia together," he said.

He said that 41 million euros will be invested in the reconstruction of the hospital in Subotica.

"Let it be a place that Subotica will be proud of," Vucic said.

He added that five million euros will be invested in the theater in Subotica. Vučić said that he is arranging with the President of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, to cross the border without passport control, after the construction of the railway.

"Subotica will be an hour and a half to Belgrade and the same amount of time will be needed to reach Budapest," Vucic said, adding that these are things that fundamentally change the lives of citizens and give great value to everyone who lives in Subotica.

He also promised 30 million euros for the city stadium.
Vučić referred to the war in Ukraine and said that more favorable news was coming from Istanbul today and that the price of oil and gas had fallen as soon as it was hinted that there had been progress in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

"May God look at us to have peace, and then I do not worry about our work, our energy," said Vucic. He reiterated that the goal is for the average salary to amount to 1.000 euros, and the average pension to be over 500 euros.

"Whenever there is trouble, there is one country that stands by Serbia, stands up and says everything in the best interest of Serbia - that is Hungary, and we must never forget that," Vucic said. He referred to the role of Istvan Pastor, who fought for every segment of the two countries' friendship.

"Hungary was Serbia's 12th economic partner, and now it is fifth," he said. He added that he believes that we still have a lot to do. "Economy, economy, economy! We have to think about giving additional impetus to everyone, to workers, farmers, to everyone. Today we have enough of everything, we can also help others," Vucic added.

He announced that he would surprise Serbia with the best news in the next three months, and it concerns investors. "Those are the names of the world automobile industry that I'm frightened to even think about. If that happens, I think we have solved all our problems for the future," he said.

He added that he did not speak badly about his opponents during the campaign, because there is no word they did not receive from the opposition, which the SNS does not want to deal with.

He thanked the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians and invited everyone to vote for both lists.

"Elections are not a game, the state is not a toy. We are changing and we are changing Serbia," he said at the end of the rally.
A magnificent welcome was prepared for him, with Serbian tricolors.

SNS presidency member Igor Mirović stated that the citizens who gathered in Subotica are united by the same dream and the same plan. Mirovic reminded of Vucic's biography and said that "he can stand side by side with the greatest leaders in the world". He added that the Serbia of Peace will continue to be built, as has been the case so far.

"The election for president is an important symbol and that is why I will say a few words about Aleksandar Vučić. Aleksandar comes from a respectable family, his mother is a journalist, the father is an economist, he was one of the best students and always endlessly hardworking, brave and responsible," Mirović said.

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