Associate of Velja Nevolja in the company of two state prosecutors, Dolovac reacted

Miloš Djukanovic from Pancevo, Partizan fan close to Veljko Belivuk, was arrested today in Pancevo in the company of two state prosecutors, has learned.

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Friday, 05.02.2021.


Associate of Velja Nevolja in the company of two state prosecutors, Dolovac reacted
Foto: Tanjug/AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

Associate of Velja Nevolja in the company of two state prosecutors, Dolovac reacted

At the time of his arrest, Djukanovic was in the company of Tomo Zoric, a member of the State Prosecutors' Council, and Milica Ljubicic, a deputy of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor.

Also in Pancevo, two people close to the criminal clan of Velja Nevolja and Marko Miljković Mare were detained.

Those are Predrag Janković, better known as Pesko, and Marko Milosavljević, known to the public under the nickname Bojka.

Jankovic and Milosavljevic are Belivuk's extended arms.

Zagorka Dolovac reacted

The Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Information Agency, announced that it has initiated a strong response to criminal groups that are trying to impose their criminal rules and value system on our society.

"The analysis, planning and execution of the state's response to organized crime did not begin yesterday or by accident. Prosecutors, police officers and security officers have been on this task for a long time, which they approached thoroughly and extremely seriously. The first results are clearly visible", it is stated in the announcement.

It is emphasized that it must be crystal clear that "crime, criminals and criminal groups have no place in our society and state".

"The public prosecutor's office will use every legal authority to prevent them from their criminal intentions. All our capacities, both human and material, are diverted in a single direction: prosecuting criminals and their groups and ensuring that they are convicted according to the law. Our determination is relentless and clear", it is concluded in the statement of the Republic Public Prosecutor.

It should be reiterated that several people close to Belivuk, better known as Velja Nevolja, were arrested yesterday and during the extensive operation of the security forces.

He is suspected of the most serious crimes - murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking, as well as extortion.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, also spoke about that yesterday, saying that no one is stronger than the state, and that he will deal with everyone who commits criminal acts.

"This is a big blow for the mafia and organized crime," Vucic said. He praised all those who participated in that operation and pointed out that it was not an easy task for them, because they "put at risk" their safety and the safety of their families for the sake of the safety of the citizens of Serbia.

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