Putin's trusted man Zinichev to visit Serbia next month

Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Yvgeny Zinichev will visit Serbia next month, Sputnik said it has learned.

Izvor: Sputnik

Thursday, 13.09.2018.


Putin's trusted man Zinichev to visit Serbia next month
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Putin's trusted man Zinichev to visit Serbia next month

According to Sputnik, Zinichev will be met by Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, and will also visit the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center in Nis, where Russian experts train rescuers and firefighters from Serbia and the region.

Taking into account the biography of the Zinichev, after his appointment in May this year, it was clear that there were serious plans for further development of unit training, as well as the technical equipment of the ministry, which often relies on the Ministry of Defense in its work.

Zinichev served in the army for a long time - in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy, which is specific in many respects. He joined the KGB in 1987, and after major changes hit in the country, continued his career in FSO, the Federal Protection Service. Zinichev also held the responsible post of deputy head of the FSB, the Russian's famous anti-terror service.

From 2006 to 2015 Zinichev was a member of Putin's personal security team. He was always in his immediate vicinity, in the first ring of people who care about the safety of the president.

Zinich entered the political life of Russia at the proposal of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev two years ago, when he temporarily served as a governor of the Kaliningrad region.

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