Magazine advises Trump "not to mess with Montenegro"

The well-known U.S. magazine Foreign Policy has published 17 pieces of advice on its website, offered by its writers to U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Thursday, 26.01.2017.


Magazine advises Trump
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Magazine advises Trump "not to mess with Montenegro"

Montenegro-based website CdM quoted this part of the article, published under the subheading, "DON’T MESS WITH MONTENEGRO," in its entirety.

"Last year, the 28 existing members of NATO voted unanimously to extend membership to Montenegro. There were many reasons to admit Montenegro into the alliance. The enduring rationale was to increase security and stability in the volatile Balkan region. But after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was a new military rationale - to seal the Adriatic coast line, denying the Russians the opportunity to base forces there, as they have done in neighboring Serbia, or to station air defense systems there that could threaten U.S. and other NATO forces," wrote Farkas, and added:

"The Russian reaction was extreme. Let’s leave aside the propaganda and the paying of supporters to try to block Montenegro’s own vote to join NATO: The Russians tried to assassinate the Montenegrin prime minister."

"The last and final step in bringing Montenegro into the alliance is for the legislatures of the 28 NATO members to ratify Montenegro’s accession. The United States is among the handful of countries that have not yet ratified. Sens. Bob Corker, Ben Cardin, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell have tried, but one or two senators are still standing in the way. It is unclear why, but what is clear is that only Russia would benefit from action to block Montenegro from joining the alliance," said Farkas, and concluded:

"The president must tell the Senate to act swiftly and ratify Montenegro’s accession to NATO. Tell those few holdout senators not to mess with Montenegro."

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