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"Pristina urgently needs to form CSM"

Pristina must urgently fulfill its obligation to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities (CSM), European Commission spokesman Peter Stano said today.

Izvor: Tanjug

"Pristina urgently needs to form CSM"


He stated this on the occasion of more than 4,000 days since the formation of the CSM was foreseen by the Brussels Agreement and warned that if Pristina does not do so, it will not be considered a positive sign of readiness to continue on the path of normalizing relations with Belgrade.

At the media briefing in Brussels, when asked by Tanjug what the EU plans to do in order for the CSM to be finally formed and whether this issue will be one of the topics of the dialogue at the level of the main negotiators on Thursday in Brussels, he said that the meeting will be focused mainly on the issue of banning the use of dinars and that the CSM is not the main topic, but that this issue is always present during all EU communications with Pristina officials.

He reminded that the EU at the leadership level has repeatedly asked Pristina to fulfill its obligation to form the CSM.

"The formation of the CSM is a long-standing request and a long-term obligation of Kosovo, so it must be fulfilled as a matter of urgency. The EU has repeated this several times at the highest level, at the level of European leaders. If Kosovo fails to fulfill it, it will not be seen as positive a sign of readiness to continue on the path of normalization, which is now linked to Kosovo's progress on the path to EU accession," said Stano.

He added that the meeting at the level of the main negotiators on Thursday in Brussels will be focused on other issues, mainly on the issues discussed in the past weeks in Brussels to resolve the consequences of the decision of the so-called Central Bank of Kosovo on the use of the dinar.

"CSM as such is not one of the main topics, but this (issue) is omnipresent. It is present at every meeting, in all our contacts with Kosovo partners, because it is one of the conditions that really urgently needs to be met," Stano said and emphasized that the CSM should be formed "without any further delay".


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