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Where is Danka Ilić's body? The suspect decided to speak

In the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar, the hearing of S. J., the suspect in the murder of two-year-old Danka Ilić, is ongoing.

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Where is Danka Ilić's body? The suspect decided to speak


Резултати превода

Резултат превода

The suspect decided to present his defense. After his arrest, S.J. defended himself by remaining silent, that is, he exercised his legal right not to present a defense, while the other accused, D.D., confessed to the murder. The two are in custody, while father D.D., who is suspected of helping his son move the girl's body, was recently released from custody, because for the criminal offense of assisting the perpetrator after the commission of the crime, detention cannot last longer than two months. The girl Danka Ilić disappeared on March 26 in Banjsko polje near Bor. After a 10-day search and detailed checking of all clues and information, the police arrested S.J. and D.D. from Bor, who are suspected of hitting the girl with a car, then putting her body in the trunk of a car and taking it to a landfill. The girl's body has not yet been found.

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