America in danger, a warning came? "If Putin..."

If USA doesn't support Ukraine in the fight against Russia, it would cause great damage to American economic and security interests, said White House spokesman.

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Shutterstock/Asatur Yesayants
Foto: Shutterstock/Asatur Yesayants

"If (Russian President Vladimir) Putin wins in Ukraine, he stands on NATO's doorstep. And as I said the other day, if you think the cost of supporting Ukraine is high now, think about how much it will be not only in money, but in American blood if we have to start acting on our Article Five obligations," White House National Security Adviser John Kirby said at a press briefing.

Kirby said the political controversy over aid to Ukraine was "a big gift to Vladimir Putin," the State Department said.

"He's been counting on this development since the beginning of this war. If you care about our national security, you should see Putin for what he is, you should see Russia for what it is, and understand that you're helping Ukraine... you're helping them win in this war is very much in our national security interests and the national security interests of all our allies in Europe," Kirby said.

Article five of the North Atlantic Treaty requires member states to consider armed attacks on any member state as attacks on the entire Alliance and to provide immediate military assistance.


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