They are getting closer; Main highway "combat zone"

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced today a new humanitarian corridor as they advance into the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Source: Tanjug

According to them, the main highway Salah ad-Din is a "combat zone".

In the meantime, the media reports, citing eyewitnesses, that Israeli tanks, armored personnel carriers and bulldozers entered the southern part of the Gaza Strip today, near Khan Yunis. According to the Times of Israel, dozens of Israeli tanks entered the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces' Arabic language spokesman said on social network X (formerly Twitter) that Gaza's main highway Salah ad-Din, in areas northeast of Khan Yunis, is a "combat zone."

"The fighting and the military advance of the IDF in the Khan Yunis area do not allow the movement of civilians through the Salah ad-Din axis in the areas north and east of the city," he stated.

He said the Israeli army would facilitate the movement of civilians through the ring road west of Khan Yunis. Al Jazeera reported that Israeli forces are penetrating the eastern part of Khan Yunis and appear to be encircling the area of that city.

As Al Jazeera stated, air attacks and shelling in the east of Khan Yunis have intensified. Since early morning, Israeli tanks and armored vehicles have been moving towards Khan Yunis.

"We are talking about the eastern side of the Salah al-Din highway, while at Khan Yunis the road splits in two directions," Al Jazeera reports.

Israel's military today again called for a mass evacuation from Khan Yunis, where tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians have sought refuge in the past few weeks, after the army expanded its ground offensive and bombed targets across the Gaza Strip.

The army ordered Palestinians in about 20 areas in the central Gaza Strip to move further south and posted maps online, according to the Guardian.

The aim of the expanded actions of the Israeli army is, after the expiration of the one-week ceasefire, the destruction of the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


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