"No ceasefire"; Netanyahu holds military consultations with top security officials

The conflict between the Israeli army and Hamas has been going on for 25 days.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that there is no question of a ceasefire, and that now is the time for war.

"For Israel, a cease-fire would be the same as handing over to Hamas," Netanyahu said, and announced that the war would last.

The latest figures after the attack on the camp

At least 120 people were killed and around 300 were wounded in an Indonesian hospital in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip during today's Israeli bombardment of the camp. According to the BBC, the largest number of victims were children and women.

The US and Israel are considering establishing a peacekeeping mission in the Gaza Strip

The US and Israel are considering the possibility of establishing an international peacekeeping force made up of US, British and French troops in the Gaza Strip, in case the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) manage to expel the Palestinian militant group Hamas from the enclave. US and Israeli officials considering options for the future of Gaza have also discussed another option that would establish a peacekeeping force modeled after the one overseeing the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace accord, the Guardian reported.

Night in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding military consultations with top security officials at the Israel Defense Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv, his office said.

59 humanitarian aid trucks entered Gaza today


The war is spreading? "It has started"

War between Israel and Hamas spreads into Syria, fueled by growing instability, violence and a lack of progress for a political solution to the 12-year conflict

World Tuesday, October 31, 2023 08:58 Comments: 7

Is Europe threatened by war?

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius assessed that there is a danger of war in Europe and pointed out that Germany "must be able to defend itself".

World Monday, October 30, 2023 09:04 Comments: 1
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