The war is spreading? "It has started"

War between Israel and Hamas spreads into Syria, fueled by growing instability, violence and a lack of progress for a political solution to the 12-year conflict

Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

This was stated today by the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen.

He told the Security Council that, with the violence in the Syrian conflict, the Syrian people now face the "frightening prospect of a potential wider escalation" following Hamas' attacks on Israel on October 7 and Israeli military retaliation.

"The spillover of war into Syria is no longer just a risk, it has already begun," said the UN envoy for Syria.

Pedersen pointed to airstrikes attributed to Israel that have hit Syrian airfields in Aleppo and Damascus several times, as well as retaliation by the United States for what, he said, were multiple attacks on its forces "by groups it claims are backed by Iran, including the territory of Syria".

Given that the region is "the most dangerous," he said, "fuel is being added to the fire that has already started to ignite" in Syria, which has seen an increase in violence even before October 7.


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