"If Russia defeats us..."

Maxim Kamieniecki, a professor from the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv, says attacks take place every day, the east part is still under air alert.

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Tanjug/AP Photo/Alex Babenko
Tanjug/AP Photo/Alex Babenko

Maxim Kamieniecki, a professor from the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv, says that attacks are taking place every day and that the east of the country is still under air alert.

Speaking about Western aid in Ukraine and whether Ukraine's military plans depend solely on that aid, Kamieniecki said that Ukraine's complete military plans do not depend only on that aid, but that due to the delivery of weapons that Ukraine did not have before, it now needs constant supply.

He states that Russian attacks in the last six months have two groups of targets: the first are grain warehouses and agricultural exports of Ukraine, and the second are the capacities of Ukrainian industry that are or were related to the production of military equipment, ammunition and the like.

Speaking about Robert Fico's victory in the elections in Slovakia and whether the country will turn its back on Ukraine, as Fico said, Kamieniecki says:

"In the case of Slovakia, there may be a reduction (of aid) because it is a targeted policy advocated by Fico for years. This is of course a problem for Ukraine, but I assume that if the population voted that way in the elections, it is the result of an information problem because, unfortunately, populism and presenting that all the country's problems are due to the war in Ukraine and that they will be solved if they stop aid, that can work and that decision will lead to changes in aid to Ukraine."

"If foreign aid stops, the war can end, but that does not mean that peace will come," Kamieniecki added. He also explained what kind of message a Russian victory would send to other countries.

"If Russia defeats us or our occupied territory remains in its composition, then it will be a sign to other countries that have similar plans to do it in a similar way, because it worked with Russia. That is the danger with Russia that can arise if foreign aid to Ukraine is hindered," he concluded.


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