Shock for the U.S. "National Guard"; The best warrior is a Serb

The "Best Warrior" competition brought together National Guard members from seven US states in Ohio, and a three-member team from Serbia also participated.


American generals were surprised when they had to present the award to the winner of the military competition "Best Warrior" in the USA. Namely, instead of giving the award to one of the numerous participants from the National Guard, the first place was won by a non-commissioned officer of the Serbian Army, Sergeant First Class Ivan Jeremić, writes "Politika".

He is a member of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, more precisely the "Griffons" Special Operations Battalion - the 82nd Company of River Divers.

This native of Belgrade has a 13-year military career behind him and has spent the entire century so far in the mentioned famous brigade, he is a diver and a paratrooper. He is active in military sports disciplines under the auspices of the International Council for Military Sports, and also in civilian activities where endurance comes to the fore, such as the half-marathon, Russia Today Balkan reports.

The "Best Warrior" competition, in which Jeremic won, brought together members of the National Guard from seven US states in Ohio. A three-member team from Serbia also participated, consisting of Jeremic and two of his colleagues, one from his unit and the other from the "Cobra" Special Purpose Detachment.

The competition lasts five days, and the soldiers tested their strength in shooting under load, swimming in uniform, testing physical abilities, knowledge (assembling and disassembling) of weapons, tactical medicine, calling fire support (on a simulator), orientation on the ground and shooting with a pistol and automatic rifles.

"The most difficult part was the march a little more than 19 kilometers long, with a load of 20 kilograms and a rifle. The terrain was uneven, we ran all the time," Jeremić points out. He was the first to complete the task, reaching the finish line in one hour and 53 minutes, and any time under two hours is considered a remarkable achievement.

At the competition, our soldiers also encountered weapons that they do not use in their daily work, such as the "Sig Sauer M-17" pistol, the M-4 automatic rifle, the M-249 light machine gun, the M-240 heavy machine gun and the "Broving" machine gun M-2".

Ivan had the opportunity to practice disassembling this weapon in one day and during his performance won the first place in this discipline. "The victory is not just mine, we worked as a team," said Jeremic.


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