The war in Ukraine: New attacks; Explosions in Kyiv and Lviv? Emergency evacuation

The 232nd day of the special military operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine is underway.

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A five-story residential building was hit in the shelling of Mykolaiv by Russian forces, Mayor Oleksandr Senkevich announced.

According to him, the upper two floors of the building were completely destroyed, reports Ukrinform. Rescuers are on the ground.

Zelensky's address on Telegram

Grossi repeated the request for the demilitarization of Zaporizhzhia

Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, pointed out today in Kyiv that it is necessary to find a quick solution for the demilitarization of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, in order to remove the unsafe situation due to constant shelling, and that the detention of the deputy director of the nuclear plant is unacceptable.

"We have to continue working to protect the nuclear plant. As I told Putin, it is still extremely fragile, extremely unsafe," Grossi said at a press conference after talks with Ukrainian officials. He pointed out that he told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the detention of the deputy director of the largest nuclear plant in Europe, Valery Martyniuk, was unacceptable and that he intervened to resolve the case, as in the case of the previous detention of the director of the plant, reports Reuters.

He stated that he also told Putin that the IAEA does not accept the Russian annexation of four Ukrainian regions, including the Zaporizhzhia region, but he admitted that this is an issue that goes beyond nuclear security.

"Dialogue takes two"

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that it is unlikely that peace talks between Russia and the West will take place in the near future due to the hostile attitude of Western countries, in an interview with Russian TV.

"Dialogue requires two parties. Since the West has a very hostile attitude towards us, it is unlikely that it would be possible to talk in the near future," Peskov said in an interview with Russian TV, according to TASS.

"Evacuate the population"

Moscow-installed head of Ukraine's Kherson region asks Russia to evacuate locals.

New explosions in Kyiv

According to the BBC, air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine.

Not long after the sirens sounded, the head of Ukraine's Lviv region Maksym Kozytskyy announced on Telegram that an air danger had been declared in that region and told residents to "remain in shelters because the danger still exists."

In addition, explosions are being reported in Kyiv, and social media users have recorded the flight of rockets in Odesa and Kyiv regions, as well as in Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi regions.


Moscow's punishment: You dare attack us?

Frank Gardner, the BBC's security correspondent, published a mini analysis of this morning's massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

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Ukrainians acknowledged: Our progress is hindered...

Ukrainian Governor Serhiy Haidai pointed out that the progress of the Ukrainian counterattack in the eastern Lugansk region is being slowed down by bad weather.

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