After Putin's statement, Pentagon declared DEFCON (Defence Ready Condition) 2?

Following Putin's order to put nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, it is speculated that the USA has raised the threat to "one step away from nuclear war".

Source: Jutarnji list

However, as Jutarnji list reports, such information has not been officially confirmed, because U.S. officials, for security reasons, never publicly state the degree of danger the country is in, but that assessment was stated on the website "".

It is a site of analysts from open sources, as well as those connected with the American army.

As Jutarnji reminds us, the level of danger "one step away from the nuclear war" is actually the "DEFCON 2" level, and it has been declared only twice so far, during the Cuban crisis. Already this morning, when the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia began, that level of danger was lowered by one and now it is "DEFCON 3", which has also been declared only a few times so far.

What is DEFCON?

DEFCON - Defense Ready Condition, is a system used by the Pentagon to mark the level of nuclear war threats facing the United States, which then determines readiness for a potential response. There are five levels, from DEFCON 1 to 5.

DEFCON 5 is the lowest state of readiness, while DEFCON 1 is the maximum state of readiness, which means that nuclear war is starting or has already begun.

According to US Today, Russia also has its own version of DEFCON, although the levels of that system are unclear.

Dmitry Alperovitch, founder of The Alperovitch Institute for Cybersecurity Studies at Johns Hopkins University and former chief technology officer of the Cyber Security Group, said on Twitter that Russia has four levels of alert from nuclear war.

"Putin has ordered an elevated level. Worrying. But there is no reason to panic yet," Alperovitch wrote.


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