Zelensky spoke up and sent a clear message: Let's move forward

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said today that he could not rule out further escalation of tensions with Russia.

Source: Tanjug

He also said that "Ukraine is not a sinking Titanic", and criticized Washington for "exaggerated panic" burdening the economy.

"I do not think that the situation is more tense now than before. There is a feeling abroad that the war is going on here… There are no tanks on the streets. I am not saying that escalation is not possible... but we do not need this panic," Zelensky told a news conference, as Reuters reports.

He also said that the White House made a "mistake" by overemphasizing the risk of a large-scale war, and that this was the message he sent to U.S. President Joseph Biden in their telephone conversation yesterday.

The moves of the USA and Britain to recall diplomats from Kiev, according to the Ukrainian President, were a mistake and an exaggeration. "We are not the Titanic. Ukraine is moving forward," Zelensky said.

He emphasized that NATO is the only guarantor of the strong security that Ukraine has in its conflict with Russia, and warned that the eastern members of the Alliance could also be exposed to Moscow's hostilities.

"This is a very serious challenge for NATO. Some European countries think: let's not take risks, let's not interfere in Ukraine. But if there is a full-scale war, it will also take place on the borders of some NATO countries. If there is a big war, it will be not only against Ukraine, not only on the territory of our country," Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian president also criticized Germany for the continuation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, accusing it of giving priority to economic agreements with Russia in relation to Ukraine's security and territorial integrity.

He also cited Britain as one of the countries that allows money laundering by Russians, as well as oligarchs who withdraw money from countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan, according to Reuters.

His remarks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States and NATO had not responded to Moscow's main security demands in the East-West conflict over Ukraine, but that Moscow was ready to resume talks.


"People prepared to go to the front line"

Moscow calls on Washington and its European allies to abandon the policy of raising tensions over Ukraine and take a constructive stance.

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