Collapse in hospitals; young people in serious condition; more and more new patients

Intensive care in the suburbs of Salt Lake City is being replenished with patients infected with COVID-19.


These are circumstances in the hospital where nurse Janine Roberts works.

Now it is mostly about young people who have not been vaccinated and who are in a very difficult health condition.

Most of them arrive to the intensive care units already intubated and unconscious, and most often it is an infection with a delta variant of the virus that is spreading rapidly.

"We have people who are in their twenties, thirties, and even forties, who are terribly ill. Most of them are patients who have not been vaccinated," nurse Janine Roberts said, as Reuters reports.

Only 45 percent of the population received both doses. Intensive care units in Utah had an occupancy rate of 84 percent on July 22, and COVID infections accounted for about 25 percent of patients. On the other hand, on April 19, the occupancy rate was 59 percent, and only 11 percent of patients were infected with COVID.

The rapid increase in the number of infected and hospitalized in Utah and many other US states is a reminder that the pandemic is not over yet.


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