The EU denies and says: "We have never written something like that. It is a forgery."

The European Union has denied the existence of a document that appeared in the Pristina media on Saturday.

Source: Tanjug

EU spokesman Peter Stano said it was a "forgery".

Stano told "Klan Kosova" that such a document did not come from Brussels. "Usually, we do not comment on media reports regarding alleged EU documents. In this particular case, the document is a complete forgery and the EU has never written something like that," Stano said.

The alleged internal working document of the European External Action Service (EEAS), made after the recent dinner of EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell with the leaders of the Western Balkans, which was viewed by the Pristina portal on Saturday, among other things states that Borrell will invite the authorities in Pristina to refrain from any provocative action in the municipalities in the north of the province.

''Specifically, Mr. Kurti will be advised not to take any police actions aimed at collecting electricity bills in the northern municipalities, which could cause further tensions with the local population", the document, into which the Pristina portal had insight, read.


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