Russia's reactions to the recent developments in Montenegro

The Russian Foreign Ministry had expressed grave concern at the situation in Montenegro over the adoption of the Freedom of Religion Act

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Getty images/Alexander Aksakov
Getty images/Alexander Aksakov

The Russian Ministry said that "the unity and solidarity of the Orthodox world, as well as the preservation of its centuries-old foundations, are crucial for ensuring the normal development of society."

The atmosphere in which this happened is evidenced by the fact that 17 MPs of the opposition Democratic Front were apprehended by the police due to the riots within the Montenegrin Parliament, while the unrest and mass protests were held in several cities with the participation of religious and public figures, according to a statement from Moscow.

The new law, among other things, allows Montenegrin authorities to confiscate more than 650 religious sites from the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and hand them over to the unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC), adding that it is all about strengthening administrative pressure on SPC with the aim of its complete displacement from Montenegro.

We are convinced of the need for strict observance of the legal rights of the canonical Orthodox churches, it is said in a statement, adding that neglect of their opinion, interference with historical reality, attempt to usurp property, artificial creation of conditions for the separation of believers were accompanied by major problems.

The law passed by the Montenegrin Parliament and signed by President Milo Djukanovic not only seriously touches the interests of the Metropolitan Montenegrin-Littoral Serbian Orthodox Church, but also raises the issue on the international level. The unity and solidarity of the Orthodox world, as well as the preservation of its centuries-old foundations, are the key to ensuring the normal development of society, the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.


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