Syria bombed Turkish armored vehicles, three civilians died

Ankara- Turkish military convoy was attacked today on their way to one of their observation posts on north-western Syria, Turkish Ministry of Defense informed.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/Murat Kibritoglu/DHA via AP
Tanjug/Murat Kibritoglu/DHA via AP

In that attack three civilians died and 12 more were wounded, said Reuters.

The ministry said that the attack is a breach of an agreement and cooperation between Ankara and Russia, and that Moscow was informed about the Turkish convoy in advance.

Previously the Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry said that the Turkish convoy of armored vehicles entered Syria and was going towards Khan Sheikhun, the last insurgent’s stronghold that Syrian army could reach. Damascus accused Ankara of violating Syria’s sovereignty.

It is still unknown whether the convoy was targeted by Syrian or Russian planes, but the latest situation marks the escalation of tension in Idlib, where the Syrian forces are leading the offensive on the last insurgent’s stronghold.

Private Turkish agency, DHA, said that the Syrian planes were aiming the Turkish army convoy, which carried armored vehicles.

As TV NTV said, a large column of armored vehicles moved between Turkish checkpoints seven and nine in Idlib. Transfer of weapons was necessary because the 9th checkpoint was in the centre of Syrian offensive.

The column stopped to avoid the losses. Turkish command sent drones on the spot.

Syria’s national television, referencing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the Turkish armored vehicles are going towards Khan Sheikhun, where the Syrian army is fighting against the terrorists from Al-Nusra Front.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that it was believed that the airstrike on the highway where the Turkish army has been going, has been performed by Russia, forcing the convoy of 25 Turkish vehicles to stop.

Turkey has 12 observing posts in and out of the province od Idlib, says AP.


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